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 Woodville will continue to be a caring, safe, and creative environment where students are engaged in their learning.  Woodville strives to be a place where teachers, students, and parents are excited to be and everyone feels valued.




We believe that students should learn to be problem solvers instead of just knowing all the answers.

We believe that the GSE drive our instruction.

We believe that students can learn as much from their failures as they can from their successes through teacher commentary and conversations.

We believe that with discipline, organization and assessment, students can produce quality work.

We believe that every gain, no matter how small, should be valued.

We believe that technology plays an integral part in classroom instruction.


Woodville Elementary


Woodville Elementary School is located in the beautiful north Georgia mountains at 911 Historic Hwy 441 North in Clarkesville Georgia.

 To contact the school call 706-754-4225.